Rehoboth G Campus Now Open

Rehoboth G Campus, located in Sinchon, Seoul, is now open to all. We welcome people from all places to come a be a part of the community. There is plentiful co-working space available for the price of a cup of coffee at our CSR Impact Cafe. We also have a variety of programs available to join like network seminars, start-up related events, and global networking events.

Rehoboth G Campus is designed to be a new model for co-working and collaboration, acting as a hub for start-ups, global participants, government, universities, private enterprises, and university and high school students. Our goal at Rehoboth G Campus is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and bring them to the global market.

Come and join us today!

We are located near Sinchon Station (Line 2)

서울특별시 마포구 백범로 10 (노고산동 107-36) 현대벤처빌 1층 르호봇 G 캠퍼스





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